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About Dynami Fitness

Have you used a personal trainer before? Well here is what we are all about.

Firstly, welcome to an exciting new journey, research is the first step in developing new habits and goals. Dynami Fitness is here to make these goals a reality in conjunction with your dedication and willingness to set and achieve goals.

There are many phases in which we transition when choosing to make a change and we are here to keep you on track and motivate you with your “why” this can be achieved by agreeing on a structure and plan that best suits you.

It is important we identifying barriers that may prevent the progression of these goals and new habits. The best way to see your results is by tracking your results and we are here to help you use these tools to develop and encourage new habits.

New barriers arise as new circumstances present themselves. Regular support will provided to help you with the events that cause adaptions to your daily routines and may prompt you to fall back into previous habits. This is quite common during holiday periods or times of celebration. Together we will re-evaluate your “why” and reduce the likelihood relapsing to former behaviours.